Viscosity-temperature Extrapolation (ASTM D341)


Standard Practice for Viscosity-Temperature Charts for Liquid Petroleum Products If you know the viscosity of a particular type of oil at two temperatures (like 40 and 100°C) , it is possible to calculate it at a different temperature (ASTM D341). In addition to this, one can calculate the oil viscosity at the operating temperature of […]

Dynamic Viscosity and Kinematic Viscosity Calculator

Conversion between dynamic and kinematic viscosity Two Calculators are provided for conversion between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity. Dynamic viscosity is a measure of force, while kinematic viscosity is a measure of velocity. Dynamic To Kinematic Viscosity Calculator Density: g/cm3 Dynamic Viscosity: mPa.s Kinematic Viscosity: Enter Values and Click Calculate!   Fill in the density […]

Mixing Viscosity (Blending) Calculator

Mixing Viscosities Calculator: To predict blend viscosity of two or more base oils or to predict mixing ratio of base oils to reach the desired viscosity. For best results, blend base fluids from a base stock slate or fluids from the same manufacturer. See API Base Oil Interchangeability Guidelines. Mixing Viscosities: Oil Viscosity Calculators for […]