Lithium Grease: Composition, Formulations, and Applications

Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is widely regarded as one of the most versatile greases ever made. It was first created back in 1938 and has remained incredibly popular ever since. In fact, more lithium grease is produced than all other types of grease combined. What is lubricating grease? Lubricating grease is a thickened oil (gelled). [1]. For […]

Calcium Grease: Composition, Formulations, and Applications

Multipurpose Grease

Calcium Soap Greases: Tallow (animal fat) based calcium greases were the earliest lubricants developed during 1845. As a result, calcium greases were relatively inexpensive to manufacture and are still in use since then.[3]. While there are three types of calcium greases but anhydrous calcium grease is the most economical multipurpose grease. Besides, the other two greases are […]

NLGI Grease Consistency, Classifications and Applications

Standard Penetration Cone

Lubricating grease consistency A grease consistency or penetration score indicates grease consistency or stiffness to help predict how it will migrate, stay, or flow in a typical grease application. Therefore, lubricating grease consistency or NLGI grade is the first and foremost requirement. During this test, a double tapered cone is allowed to sink freely into […]