Lithium Grease: Composition, Formulations, and Applications

Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is probably the best multi-purpose grease ever developed. Invented in 1938, the production of lithium grease is still higher than all the other greases combined. What is lubricating grease? Lubricating grease is a thickened oil (gelled). [1]. For the most part, it has at least two components, a thickener and a base fluid or liquid lubricant. Thickener […]

Calcium Grease: Composition, Formulations, and Applications

Multipurpose Grease

Calcium Soap Greases: Tallow (animal fat) based calcium greases were the earliest lubricants developed during 1845. As a result, calcium greases were relatively inexpensive to manufacture and are still in use since then.[3]. While there are three types of calcium greases but anhydrous calcium grease is the most economical multipurpose grease. Besides, the other two greases are […]

NLGI Grease Consistency, Classifications and Applications

Standard Penetration Cone

Lubricating grease consistency A grease consistency or penetration score indicates grease consistency or stiffness to help predict how it will migrate, stay, or flow in a typical grease application. Therefore, lubricating grease consistency or NLGI grade is the first and foremost requirement. During this test, a double tapered cone is allowed to sink freely into […]